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You’re fantastic in your lane. We’re fantastic in ours.

Who we work with - Firebrand Creative

We serve small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, startups, and more…

Marketing is our lane. Marketing for companies like small businesses & startups who need to stay focused on their own lane is our niche. We do what we do so you can do what you do.

Serving innovative companies across multiple industries wakes us up in the morning (well, that and some freshly roasted Sulawesi coffee or maybe a Monsooned Malabar).  Audio, artist and musician marketing is our passion. We work well with artists and musicians, bakers and chefs, churches and non-profits.

It matters to us that you love your product or brand. It’s important that your brand or service is authentic. Is your brand doing good and benefiting your fellow humans? Even better.

Reach out to us to see if we might be a good fit for you. We’d love to hear more about your brand!

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Small Business, Entreprenurs & Startups


The internet is an equalizer. Small businesses are judged on content, imagery, and user experience the same as larger businesses. While customers are happy to support small businesses, they still have high expectations for how that business will act and look online.


Firebrand Creative can serve as your small business marketing team. In this capacity, we would develop customer profiles, map the customer journey and then develop an integrated marketing strategy to build awareness and drive sales.

Maybe you already have a team and just need some strategy. We can develop a strategic plan and break it down into tactics so your team knows exactly what it needs to do

Artists, Musicians & Creatives


Musician marketing and artist marketing is all about capturing the ear of your fans and potential fans. Connecting with fans is the lifeblood of an artist. Many artists are not inclined towards social media and SEO. Artists need a consistent and active social media presence and ranking on Google so fans can find them!


Building audiences is what we do. For artists, we can help build a social presence and develop a plan to keep it active and consistent. When marketing musicians, we can ensure that fans can find you online and discover you when looking for new music.

Resource Challenged Small Businesses


No matter the size of your business, you may need to rely on some outside expertise. Social media? SEO? Web development? Package or product design? Content development?


Even great teams sometimes needs some outside support. Firebrand can lend a hand wherever you need it. Launching a product, blog content, social media brand building… we are here to support you and your team.

We can even come in and train your teams so that they have the skills to build your brand. Ask us about our seminars on strategy building, social media, customer journey, marketing automation and more.

Non-Profits & Churches


Non-profits often have special needs when it comes to marketing. Often, a non-profit is using volunteer labor. Other times, marketing is considered “other duties as assigned” and tacked on to the job description of the most recent hire.


We love to help people serve other people. Reach out to us to find out how we can help your non-profit or house of worship attain your goals through social media, integrated marketing, email, SEO, and more.

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